Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anki is great

If you aren't using an SRS, you're really missing out.  We all learn things, then forget them later on.  That is, unless we diligently review the material once in a while.  How often should we review?  What happens when we start learning, then reviewing, thousands, or millions of things?  Obviously some things are very easy while some things we forget.

That's where the SRS comes in.  It schedules cards for you, based on your answer.  If you mark it "easy" you won't see it for a while, but cards marked "hard" will be shown sooner. The benefit is that you save time and you will have a better long-term memory.

Ok, enough talk about SRS.

I just realized that Anki (a very popular SRS) supports the online syncing of more than three decks!  If you're a long time user like me, there used to be a limit on the number of decks.  It was also very difficult to set up the link between the website and the desktop version.

I highly recommend that you try it out again, if you've stopped using it because of the limitations, like I did.